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About us

Our goal as advocates is to demonstrate that by working together, well-paying employment opportunities can be created through technological innovation and product development.

  • We are located in Cedar Rapids, Iowa
  • The Hillside Technological Innovation LLC. (dba Create Job Center) was started in latter part of 2010.
  • Create Jobs Center provides skills enhancement through insight and scientific discovery, to promote product development.
  • Computers, Electrical products and components are sold to create resources to create jobs, either directly or indirectly by working with our partner companies.
  • This online store launched in 2016, but the technological innovation idea started in 1981, at a commencement for an electronic and electrical school for the youth.
To further our cause, we have partnered with the following businesses:
      • Dellmar Consulting - provides Human Resource needs, and a range of activities for efficiency in Create Jobs Center's operation, to create technological employment opportunities for the youth, veterans and others.


          • AutowBrake - is a testament to the value of cooperation between companies. Create Jobs Center was approached to redesign their electric trailer braking system, and using pattern recognition, we designed a state-of-the-art automatic trailer braking system.



              • Tatecor - a residential remodeling company, works with Create Job Center to generate employment opportunities.



                  As entrepreneurs and inventors, we believe with certainty that everything has not been invented.

                  After all, systems in the past have been created to accomplish societal needs: Transportation, Banking, Stock Market, Education, Unemployment etc...

                  To that end, we seek to develop an Employment System to employ youth, veterans and others etc...